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One Step Further - Around the Asia Pacific with David and Andrea!

October 2nd 2013

One Step Further  - Around the Asia Pacific with David and Andrea!
What if before leaving HK, you’d visit the whole of Asia Pacific? Discover new places, meet local people and store as many memories as possible? This is the adventure David and Andrea, two young French people who spent two years in Hong Kong, decided to live before going back to Europe. Here they are out and about since September 21. During the next ten months, they plan to visit China, India, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, Thailand, Burma, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Mongolia and even Russia. What a program! They also plan to meet expats in each of the countries to see how they live, what they like and dislike there. Good info to have if you want to move somewhere else in Asia! Last but not least, their journey supports a charity! By supporting them, you do a good deed as 50 % of donations will be donated to Make a Wish, an organization that fulfills the dreams of sick children. In short they are only good reasons to follow and contribute to their journey! Obviously we’ll keep you posted on their adventures!
Follow David and Andrea through their blog http://projectonestepfurther.weebly.com/

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