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OSEA : The swimwear you always dreamt of

December 15th 2016

By Delphine

Buying a swimsuit… what a nightmare for most of us, right? We want it to highlight our nice body parts and at the same time hide the ones we don’t want to talk about, be trendy but not wore by all the nice bodies on the beach. It has to be comfortable, original but not too much, resistant and easy-to-wear. Drying quickly is a must…and of course making us feel good and gorgeous in the water as well as on the sand. 
That explains the hours spent online or in-store to find THE one. 

Turn your computer on and have a look at https://www.oseaswimwear.com/ . 
Roxanne and Candy, 2 young designers launched this brand to make us happy and feel good. Their swimsuits are made to last. No way you will have to buy a new one next year just because one strap is broken or the linen is already transparent. They select high quality fabrics. Second requirement: they must be comfy. No itchy stitching or brand etiquette (be honest, who never cut these damned scratching brand tags?). Finally, design is simple but sexy, trendy and fashionable.

Personally, what made me mad about those is the unwrapping experience. Not the most important thing but it shows how these 2 girls care about everything. And this makes the difference. You first open an unusual tube then a matching bag and finally the bathing suit with a thank you note and discount code. 

Xmas is behind the door: Tell Santa (or your husband) this name: Oséa. 

More information: https://www.oseaswimwear.com/
Free shipping and delivery
Until Dec 17, available at Pop Up Store : Closing Ceremony: https://www.facebook.com/neverendingclosingceremony/?fref=ts


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