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Moksa – Natural Nail + Juice Bar

September 6th 2018

by Aude
Been back in Hong Kong for only a week and already feeling like I need a break from the hustle and bustle. God Hong Kong, I love you but you are sometimes way too fast paced for me. The only way I can cope with the stress of being back at work and having to wrap up this crazy first year of running Hong Kong Madame all by myself? By slowing down and making time just for myself. At least 1h a day. Can be sweating out some calories at my fav studio in town, Barre2Barre. Or saying no to a tasting dinner just so that I can offer myself a Netflix and Chill kinda night. And also treating myself to a beauty break at least once a week, preferably in a place with peaceful vibes where I can slow down and relax, somewhere like newly opened Moksa

Moksa, a beautiful Hinduism word referring to various forms of emancipation, liberation and release. A place where the founder, Peishu, has emancipated herself from the stress and routine of working in multinational companies and where she wants you to find peace while relaxing your mind and your body. 

I’m loving the positive vibes out there and the beautiful deco with furniture flown in from Bali. Look at those armchairs ... how comfy do they look? Careful, you might fall asleep while getting your nails done. And I won’t be judging you, after all we are here for slowing down. Just please try not to snore, that could be embarrassing. 

Of course, all the products have been carefully selected by Peishu so that they are in line with the philosophy of the place:
Manucurist products for Manicure and Pedicure including the Green line which is cruelty free, 100% vegan and using 84% of natural ingredients (which is the maximum possible for nail polish) and free of most toxins  
Custom made 100% natural products using aromatherapy oils for scrubs and massages
Oh and while you are here, why don’t you order a fresh juice? Nothing wrong about treating yourself with love and care, right? 
You know what? As much as I love spending time with just myself and I, I also think that this place would be the perfect one for a girly afternoon with my friends. I’ll definitely be back but not alone this time! 

Psst: stay tuned, more is coming soon such as services focusing on eyelashes and eyebrows. 
Shama Plaza, 1/F, 30 Hollywood Road – Central 

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