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Meet Lauren White, your future personal trainer!

March 29th 2017

Meet Lauren White, your future personal trainer!
By Lily

Girls! Summer is coming very soon in Hong Kong which means afternoon at the beach, junkboat parties but also swimsuit! If you have eaten too much cheese and forgotten your New Year's Resolution, it is OK! 

I have asked some questions to Lauren White, personal trainer and very inspiring human being.
Have you ever dreamed to have your own coach? I have! Lauren can adapt to your needs and your objectives. She is patient and her energy is the best motivation to push yourself, trust me!

Now you have no excuse! :)
Hi Lauren, who are you?
I am Lauren White. A personal trainer and motivational speaker from London. I came a personal trainer when I was 18. I worked in gyms and also worked one on one with clients. I had a high end clientele that I would train in my back garden gym. From models to celebrities to people's from all ages. I started to go into schools and do take on self esteem and positivity also for many years

How long have you been in Hong Kong?
10 months. I got offered to work for the indoor bootcamp gym called Hit45 in Stanley street.

What is your favorite restaurant in Hong Kong?
I go to Nood and Mana almost everyday for my lunch and dinner.

You can’t live without…
My phone!

Your 3 tips to have a better life in Hong Kong:
Always balance yourself. If you want to go out and party, make sure you are not doing it everyday that it effects your life.
But also enjoy yourself! Work hard and play hard. Be happy and smile always.

What are the words that you live by?
Be kind to yourself. Be true to yourself and always remember you have a purpose in this world.

How can we meet you?
Instagram - @iamlaurenwhite
Facebook - laurenwhitept
Email - laurenwhitept@gmail.com

Thank you Lauren! :)

Lauren White - Personal Trainer
400$ per class (half price for the first class)
Package 10 classes for 4000$

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