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Let’s get moving with Stéphane, HK's French PT

February 21st 2011

Let’s get moving with Stéphane, HK's French PT
Our weekend was once again a lot more active than usual. And all that was for you, ladies! Round the clock at your service, we tried out a personal trainer! Whether to build muscles, lose weight or just start getting a little bit more exercise, Stéphane Riquelme will put together a tailor-made program just for you. And as it will be a one-on-one session with him, you’ll have no option but get moving! Giving up half way will be out of the question… So off you go! The warm up starts with some jogging and then it’s down to the serious stuff! Have you ever heard of interval training? We are more than familiar with it now! A run at full speed for about 30 seconds, then a 30 second resting period. After 2 times 5 sets, you already feel like everything’s melting away! Next? A little boxing. « Are you sure, because the Rocky treatment isn’t really our cup of tea ». Ah, sorry, there's no way out now. So slip on the gloves and off you go again. The muscles get another good work out and all that excess energy is released! Then it’s time for the TRX movements. The what? TRX, a training method invented by the navy involving the use of suspensions. Sounds amazing doesn’t it? You tie the equipment to a tree or a post (depending on where you are!) and you’re ready. Your core abdominal muscles are called upon, as are the different muscle sets during the course of the exercises. And to finish off in style; some abs! That’s it, it’s finally over, you’ve won the right to head back home and slump in the sofa! During an hour you’ve been sweating, eliminating and laughing – yes, Stéphane likes it all to be light hearted! A gold standard coach that has been awarded the Hong Kong Madame seal of approval! To be tested alone, with a friend or as a couple.
Stéphane Riquelme
Personal trainer
Private lesson or maximum 2 people
In your sports club or outside
Price: HKD600 per lesson, HKD5,000 for 10 lessons (for 1 person) / HKD8,000 for 10 lessons for 2 people

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