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LUX TNT - The trendiest handbags a few clicks away!

November 26th 2014

LUX TNT - The trendiest handbags a few clicks away!

Have you ever fantasized about the latest Chanel bag, drooled over your friend's Celine, or dreamed of how that Saint Laurent bag would go with one of your outfits? Regrettably, your bank account halts your impulsive buying, arresting any further desires or dreams of becoming the next fashionista.You just can't afford it, subject closed.


Don't worry girls, we have a solution that will satisfy all your desires and help calm the nerves of those holding the purse strings.


Check out LUX TNT, the online website for renting luxury bags and jewellery, which we believe will make you gloriously happy. All major brands are available, from the most classic designs to the swankiest ones. For a period of two days to a week, you can rent the item that suits you best. Great prices for luxury, which you surely wouldn't be able to find elsewhere. Once your heart is set, all you need to do is click and order.





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