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June 2020 beauty hits

June 1st 2020

by Aude Camus

June 2020 beauty hits
You know me, I do love a bit of self-pampering. And lately, between working from home, social distancing and being on maternity leave, I have been spending more time than ever at home and therefore giving myself, my skin and my body, some self-love and doing things I usually never really have time to do. Think masking. I love it. I love when my skin looks all plump and fresh but, on a normal day, masking is just not on my priority list of things to do. Which is a shame! So, when RARE SkinFuel sent me both their Detoxifying Australian Clay Mask and their Restoring Australian Clay Mask, I knew it was time to book myself an hour or two and turn my bathroom into a spa.
Founded in Hong Kong, RARE SkinFuel offers natural, handmade skincare products using natural ingredients grown in Australia. The mission of the brand is to “reveal, not conceal” and help you love your natural skin without having to hide it behind heavy makeup. Exactly my philosophy when it comes to beauty products. I love nothing more than a natural glow. 
So, back to those two clay masks. First, I have to say, I love the packaging. It’s sleek and quite chic and you do know I love a beautiful packaging on my top shelf. I also love that each mask comes as a “kit”: one pouch of Australian Clay Powder (pink clay for the restoring mask, green clay for the detoxifying one) and one pouch of Mask Activator which you have to mix together squeezing the Mask Activator into Clay Powder Pouch, store in the fridge and use within 3-4 weeks after opening (because natural ingredients mean no preservatives). I always love playing amateur chemist. 
My spa moment starts with the Detoxifying Australian Clay Mask combining three different Australian clay powders to cleanse, refine and exfoliate pores and dead skin cells for clearer and smoother skin. Definitely needed for hot, humid and polluted cities like Hong Kong. I’m no newbie to green clay and have been using it for many years already for my combination skin. I love how fresh this one feels on the skin. Green clay can be slightly irritating but because the mask activator is packed with Aloe Vera leaf juice and coconut water, this one doesn’t leave that itchy, drying sensation on your skin. Once wash off, I can follow with the Restoring Australian Clay Mask also formulated with three different Australian clay powders but aiming this time as reviving the natural glow of the skin. Imagine a boost of natural minerals in one product. Just what the doctor ordered. 
I can’t travel to Australia at the moment, but I can tell you I’m working hard on perfecting my healthy natural Australian-inspired glow. 
Detoxifying Australian Clay Mask HKD 1,650
Restoring Australian Clay Mask HKD 2,050
Available online

June 2020 beauty hits
Summer is just around the corner, it’s very unlikely I will get my yearly fix of French summer sun (sight) and I’m preparing for an entire summer of heavy rain and humidity but still, I want (and will have) my summer glow and this year, I definitely trust queen of makeup Charlotte Tilbury to bring it to me with her brand new Airbrush Bronzer. This matte bronzer is perfect to create a sun-kissed summer bronze and has a pore-blurring effect and a light-as-air texture. 
Available in 4 different shades:
Fair, for a soft Mediterranean sun-kiss
Medium, for a golden goddess
Tan, for a bronzed beauty 
Deep, for a contour queen 
Charlotte recommends applying it where the sun naturally tans: cheekbones, jawline, top of shoulders, collarbone and buff into skin and blend for a natural-looking, sun-kissed finish. 
HKD 450
Available online and at all Charlotte Tilbury’s makeup counters and standalone Beauty Wonderlands in Hong Kong: Lane Crawford ifc, Lane Crawford Times Square, Lane Crawford Harbour City, New Town Plaza and K11 MUSEA. 

June 2020 beauty hits
A collection of fragrances celebrating Yves Saint Laurent’s most iconic fashion pieces and showcasing an unexpected match of contrasting ingredients - Tuxedo (patchouli and spices) / Trench (iris and citrus) / Saharienne (neroli and white musk) / Caftan (incense and benzoin) / Caban (tonka bean and pepper) / Grain de Poudre (violet and sage) / Blouse (Damask Rose) - Le Vestiaire Des Parfums welcomes two new additions :
Capeline, a sensual lily and vanilla accord inspired by the couturier’s graceful broad-brimmed hats
Jumpsuit, a zesty magnolia that springs from the jaunty grace of a piece that Yves Saint Laurent took from utilitarian to iconic 
HKD 1,950 / perfume 
HKD 930 for Le Vestiaire des Parfums Discovery Set which includes Tuxedo (7.5ml) / Saharienne (7.5ml) / Blouse (7.5ml) / Grain de Poudre (7.5ml)
Available online   


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