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July 2020 beauty hits

July 3rd 2020

by Aude Camus

July 2020 beauty hits
I am definitely not a makeup queen. On a daily basis, I don’t use many products and always go for a very natural look: a touch of foundation, a bit of bronzer for a healthy summer glow, a few drops of liquid blush on my cheeks, a touch of mascara and sometimes a bit of red on the lips and voilà. I very rarely do a sophisticated makeup on my eyes, not because I don’t like it but just because it takes me hours to get something which looks nice and it never lasts because of the heat and humidity here in Hong Kong. But I recently discovered this three-in-one eyeshadow stick from Make Up For Ever and I love it. The stick texture is super smooth and fuses instantly with the skin making it super easy to use either as an eyeshadow or as an eyeliner or even as a kohl, even for a dummy like me. And it’s formulated with the Aqua Resist Formula which is smudgeproof, sweatproof, humidity-proof and climate-proof for 24 hours. 
Hong Kong Madame wears: the Sunrise shade (14 shades available), a beautiful warm gold/beige and the perfect final touch for the ultimate summer bronze look
HKD 200
Available online and at Make Up For Ever boutiques and counters (Facesss and Sephora) in town 

July 2020 beauty hits
I like my lipstick red, very red, shockingly red. I like it ultra pigmented. And I like it long lasting. Matte should therefore be my go-to choice but I often find matte lipsticks to have a drying effect on my lips. I’ve been looking for high coverage matte lipstick combined with smooth, velvet, non-drying texture for a long time and found it at Yves Saint Laurent Beauté with the new Tatouage Couture Velvet Cream and its emollient oil cream base combined with color lasting technology. 
Hong Kong Madame wears: the 212 Rouge Rebel shade (13 shades available), a dense and eye-catching red
HKD 310
Available online and at YSL Beauté boutiques and counters in town

July 2020 beauty hits
I recently turned 30 and remembered reading somewhere, long ago, that 30 was the age you should start using anti-aging products. Not that I have that many wrinkles or anything but you know what they say “better be safe than sorry” so I decided to add a few firming products to  my beauty routine in order to make sure my skin would look young and firm for as long as possible. Starting with a firming day cream which I chose from one of my favourite skincare brand: Clarins. I love everything about this cream: its summery packaging, its super light texture which is a must in the heat and humidity of Hong Kong summer, its fresh summery scent, its anti-pollution properties (another must in Hong Kong) and its firming effect. At first, I wasn’t exactly over excited to buy anti-aging products but now I’m already planning to buy another jar of this cream to make sure I don’t run out. 
HKD 730
Available online and at Clarins boutiques and counters in town


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