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Japanese counter in Causeway Bay

January 20th 2011

Japanese counter in Causeway Bay
t’s impossible to put into practice in Hong Kong the old French proverb “He who sleeps forgets his hunger”. Between the countless dinner invitations and the restaurants that catch our eye at every street corner, temptations are too strong. So we’d like to suggest a more appropriate saying: “He who is entertained forgets his hunger”. In order to do so, head over to AJI Tetsu, a teppanyaki located in Causeway Bay. For newcomers, teppanyaki – which literally means “grilled on an iron plate” – is a type of Japanese cuisine where you use a heated plate to cook your food. But don't worry, you won’t be expected to lend a helping hand! Let the chef do his trick: sit back and enjoy the show. It’s impressive and really tasty. First choose what you would like to be grilled: gambas, scallops, cod, beef, foie gras, vegetables, there’s really more than enough to choose from. And if you are really starving, why not be tempted by one of the many AJI Le Tetsu menus? The show can begin! The chef will juggle with salt and pepper, get the dish blazing and then it’s over to you… to savour! The show continues with the side dishes that you have chosen. Your satisfaction is guaranteed! 
AJI Le Tetsu
15/F, L’Hart, 489 Lockhart Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong, (852) 2834 1898

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