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Indian street food arrives to Hong Kong

January 13th 2016

Indian street food arrives to Hong Kong
By Delphine
For ages, Sanat, Indian chef with several awards has been saying that the best Indian food is the street food. The kind of food that is shared, and eaten with the fingers, or piled on to naan bread for takeaway.

That’s why he has launched Bindaas, inspired by street food: A colourful and vibrant bar, offering an interesting selection of cocktails. My favorite? The Sheik Chili made from mango, coriander and vodka. But the Indian Ocean or the Chutney Mojito didn’t look bad either.

The tables are large enough to welcome a group of friends or a large family. Get ready to relax. Dishes of every shape and size are offered: skewers, meatballs, pancakes, and other treats or even Naanzza (a mix of Naan bread and pizza)... As the dishes circulate around the room, we reached our fingers out to the right and to the left, asking for more, trying different dishes, and at a certain point, requesting for extra seasoning,the chef obliged. One single word that describes our experience? “Conviviality”.

To make the story short: Bindaas, an Indian restaurant like no other, has just opened its doors, just below PMQ!
For more information: http://iambindaas.com
Address: 33 Aberdeen Street, Central
Telephone: +852 2447 9998
Menu for 3: 1,083HK$
  • 1 Naanza vegetarian: 108HKD
  • Safron shrimps: 158HKD
  • Cheese and vegetable skewers: 128HKD
  • Pork vindaloo: 168HKD
  • Bombay style pao with goat cheese: 108HKD
  • Chicken masala: 158HKD
  • 3 cocktails: 255HKD

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