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HOME: the most eco-friendly restaurant in Hong Kong

June 29th 2016

HOME: the most eco-friendly restaurant in Hong Kong
Edit - January 7th 2018: this restaurant is now closed

By Delphine
Bio, gluten-free, raw, vegan, healthy, sustainable, eco-friendly...
For us, our kids, and the planet, Christian (founder of Mana, and its other outlets) built a restaurant where everything, from the dishes to the decoration, from the plates to the tables has one purpose: improving our wellbeing and that of the planet. Bt vegan no longer means “boring, moralising and expensive”. The contrary actually! You can forget the tiny salads, quinoa and soy grain soup and now look forward to generous, colorful plates of pure goodness.  

“Home-Eat to Live”: two floors in the heart of Central, huge cushions, wooden furniture, plants everywhere and murals. It is beautiful, classy and comfortable. On the menu, custom whole wheat wraps, vegetarian burgers (amazing, even for my carnivore kid), big sourdough toasts, sweet potato fries, large fresh salads, with different daily choices, superfood bowls, fresh juices… when I say there is choice, I mean it!

All the dishes are named after animals that are going extinct. Why? Because if you eat less meat you can save some species.

Whether you enjoy your meal at the restaurant or take-away, you will have a recyclable dish. Bring yours, and get a 5% discount.  
So, verdict? Successful! Very enjoyable, and for a great cause. All that without leaving a hole in your pocket. Between this and the fastfood next door, I made my choice.
More info: www.homerestauranthk.com

Opening hours: Monday-Sunday 10am-10pm

Address:  77 Des Voeux Road, Central, Hong Kong
Phone: +852 2777 4777

salads: 78/118HKD small or big
open faced toasts: 60/90HKD selon la taille
wraps: 50/90HKD selon la taille
burgers: 98HKD
earth bowls: 128HKD
juices: 78HKD
shakes: 65HKD

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