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GUEST OF THE MONTH: Sandrine, yoga teacher and founder of Blue Doors Yoga in Wan Chai

September 21st 2016

Who are you Sandrine? 
I am French and have been living in Hong-Kong since 2011, mum of 4 (!) children between 4 and 22 years old. I opened Blue Door Studio in Wanchai 5 months ago, a beautiful and peaceful space for yoga. 
Chinese zodiac sign? 
A Chinese fish ? but pisces definitely ...
Your favorite restaurant?
I love many restaurants in Hong-kong : Cocotte, Bayta, Serge et le phoque … If you really want to pleased me, have a lunch with me at Grassroots Pantry, they moved recently to a beautiful space on Hollywood Road, all dishes are home - made and … vegetarians .
Your favorite bar?
The place I prefer to enjoy a drink with friends is Neo near Cocotte restaurant.
I love also the lazy afternoons at Mavericks in Lantau with a beautiful sunset and a glass of rose wine ...
Your favorite destination? 
Bali of course ! Ubud and the Yoga Barn  is my favorite destination ( but not very convenient with really young children )
I love to stay in Seminyak where the kids enjoy surfing so, i book a class at Desa Seni in Canggu as soon as i can !
Your favorite app? 
I’ve recently fallen in love with Instagram … follow me at bluedoorstudiohk !
I am never without my… 
My iPod of course ! music is an important part of my yoga classes and i work on my playlist anywhere and as soon as i can !
To relax, I… spend time with my kids ! If possible on the beach ! A long walk to Tai Long Wan enjoying nature and swimming  is certainly the best Sunday afternoon for me ! 
Your fav citation?
Enjoy the present moment !
And where and when can we catch you?
On the mat of course !
Blue door Studio 28, Sau Wa Fong, G/F Wanchai
Book your class on Mindbody on line easy and really convenient ...

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