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Full immersion Muay Thai training in Bangkok

November 5th 2014

Full immersion Muay Thai training in Bangkok

By Vanessa, our fitness editor
Muay Thai is one of Thailand's ancestral art forms, among the richest in the culture of this beautiful country. In Hong Kong, there are a number of studios where you can learn and practice Muay Thai, but doing it with Thai instructors and former champions, as you can do it at Warrior Muay Thai at North Point, makes the difference.
But to actually go to the source, and train in the country where this martial art was born, I am taking you to a whole other level. I have tried a three-day intensive training course (about five to six hours per day), at one of the most reputable studios in Bangkok: Jitti Gym.
Don't worry, you can choose to go for just an hour or two if you prefer and beginners are more than welcome. The team of trainers won't have any problem adjusting to your level, teaching you techniques, positions, and balancing from the most basic to the most advanced levels. You’ll also find on-site the equipment and help you need to get the muscle workout that will make the difference in the ring.
But whether you're a beginner or advanced, get ready to move at lightening speeds during your sessions and to significantly improve your fitness level.
Booking is not required. You can walk-in and spontaneously decide to go for a session if you spend the weekend in Bangkok. But be careful though, it's very addictive! 
Jitti Gym is open from 7am to 10am and from 2pm to 6pm. As for cost, it will be 500 baht (approx. HK $ 120) for half a day, and 800 baht (approx. HK $ 190) for a full day. Like most training centers in Thailand, Jitti Gym offers basic rooms and monthly packages if you are interested.

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