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Flat Iron Burger: juicy and tasty, what else?

We’ve tried the latest burger joint in SoHo and it delivers all the juiciness we craved for

April 10th 2024

Flat Iron Burger: juicy and tasty, what else?
by Aude Camus
Living in SoHo, I've witnessed the ebb and flow of the area’s culinary landscape, with many spot sadly closing their doors. Of course, there's the perpetual line of tourists wanting egg tarts from Bakehouse or cookies from Vission Bakery, and the Brits sipping beers on Staunton Street's corner. But amidst the hustle, SoHo seems to yearn for something more—a cozy spot where locals can unwind, knowing they're in for a treat. You know, the kind of place where you feel welcome, where quality is guaranteed, and every visit promises satisfaction. So when rumours swirled about a new burger joint on Elgin Street, I was all ears. And when I learned it was the brainchild of the masterminds behind - the now gone, The Butchers Club, I knew I was in for a treat.
Now, let's talk burgers. When I indulge in one, I demand juiciness, flavour, and a hearty experience – no soggy, lacklustre patties allowed. Taking my place at the counter, I ordered The Flatiron (HKD 98), a testament to simplicity done right. Crafted from their signature blend of prime Black Angus or Wagyu beef, it's a combines tender meat, house pickles, old bay mayo, and sticky cheese – every bite a revelation of flavour.
But the options don't stop there. For those feeling fancy, there's the Pigalle 'N' Cheese (HKD 188), boasting bacon, truffle jam, raclette, and crispy onions, or the Shinkuju Surf 'N' Turf (HKD 298), a tantalizing blend of wagyu patty and tempura lobster. And let's not forget the Buffalo Bill (HKD 128), a crispy chicken breast delight with blue cheese ranch. The menu may be concise, but this how we like it, with every creation made fresh to order.
Now, let's talk fries. As a self-proclaimed aficionado, I take my spuds seriously. And let me tell you, the Beef Dripping Fries (HKD 28) stole the show – thin, crispy, and irresistibly salty. Of course, there are other options for the adventurous, including bacon and truffle jam fries or kewpie mayo, furikake, and bonito fries.
As if that weren't enough, there's shakes and frozen custards to satisfy your sweet tooth. And with their lunch set menu offering a burger, fries, and frozen custard at HKD 148, it's a steal.
Living next to this place is both a blessing and a curse.
Flair Iron Burger
G/F, 27 & 29 Elgin Street


This article is based on a complimentary tasting hosted by Flat Iron Burger. No money has been paid for publishing this write-up which is entirely based on the genuine opinion of its author.



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