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Feeling Stuck In Your Life? Embrace It! Here’s Why:

September 6th 2019

Feeling Stuck In Your Life?  Embrace It!  Here’s Why:
by Aude Garderet and Bruce Taylor, founders of A & B Therapy 

We have all experienced the feeling of not fitting in, be that with your job, friends, family, relationships, or with your own direction in life. This feeling of dissonance is trying to tell you something, and often it’s actually screaming at you to listen.  

So why is it that so often we choose to not listen? 

There is no question that change in one’s life is not easy, but there is also no question that change is inevitable. It is the resistance to this change that creates all manner of issues, from job dissatisfaction to issues in your marriage and social relationships. The fear of the unknown is the greatest fear of all, so it is understandable that many would believe the easier path would be to just ignore that voice within, to act as if all is alright when indeed we know the issues that are pressing and need our attention.  

Often these issues stem from something deeper than what is presented on the surface and it simply requires getting to the root of the issue to bring everything back into focus and alignment. Indeed, this is the same process one must take if one wishes to advance in life. The idea of change isn’t one just rooted in negativity, indeed change is growth.  Stepping into a new career, new found health and vitality, a new or better relationship, releasing stress and finally deciding that enough is enough, all of this requires change, or more importantly THE COURAGE TO TAKE THE FIRST STEP. Inaction, or a state of inactivity, ensures that nothing changes and that these issues will continue to fester below the surface, keeping you locked in an endless feedback loop of negativity, resistance, ill health, frustration, poor relationships and so on.  

We have two choices in life. We can choose to live a life based out of LOVE, where one prospers and continues to walk towards their fullest potential with every action that one takes. OR, conversely, we can settle on a life based out of FEAR, where the present situation is good enough, where health issues are just dismissed, where stress; anger; frustration; loveless relationships; and poor social circles are just accepted as what is normal. This is NOT normal, this is the mindset of inaction, it is the mindset guided by fear. 

And to be clear, we are all on this journey together. There is no person on earth that has it all figured out and is living life in perfect balance with all aspects of their being. What we do have, however, is the beautiful opportunity to decide, upon waking each and every morning, how do I want to live my life? Do I prosper in LOVE or do I suffer in FEAR?  

Making these changes may seem overwhelming at first. It may feel like you are climbing Mt. Everest without any equipment or training, but again this is just fear trying to draw you back to the misery that has become comfortable.  

“A journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step” from the Tao Te Ching by Laozi.

Within such a simple phrase one can find the strength to step that much closer to your true self.  Where are you going to plant your first step?  In what direction of your liberation is that step guiding you? How is that step being placed with love, and how is it moving away from fear?  
Just as in all travel, step by step, meter by meter, eventually you have moved far enough away that your starting point is no longer visible.  You begin to be fed by love and become bullet proof to fear.  

Within our coaching and retreats, the process of growth is always the same journey. What is keeping you from taking that first step? What obstacles need to be identified, prioritized, and eventually overcome?  

Perhaps you feel you are just starting out on your journey and there is so much trauma, negative relationships, and toxicity that needs to be released… or perhaps you are feeling that everything is going along nicely but you just can’t seem to figure out how to take that next step in your life and/or career. Regardless of the starting point, we are all on the same path together. So meet your need to step into action and change with love, positivity and courage and greet the life that is waiting for you. 

There is no need to suffer, and there is no need to cling to a life that is holding you back. 


About Aude Garderet 

Certified Practitioner of Psychotherapy, Sophrologist, and Hypnotherapy. 
Tantric Energy, Spiritual Development & Breathwork


About Bruce Taylor    

Reiki Grandmaster Energy Healer, Non-Violent Communication & Gottman Institute for Couples, Meditation-Breathwork-Yoga Teacher,  Tantric Energy & Chi Flow 

Together Aude and Bruce run empowerment retreats for Individuals, Couples and Corporations both in Hong Kong and Globally

Their next Transformational Retreat for Individuals is Sept 28/29 in Hong Kong
Their next couple retreat is Oct 5-9 in Con Dao, Vietnam

Click here for more on their upcoming retreats


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