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Bounce Limit: Fitness on a Trampoline

February 9th 2015

Bounce Limit: Fitness on a Trampoline

By Vanessa, our fitness editor

Since December 1st, the first trampoline fitness studio in Asia has been open in Hong Kong. Naturally, I had to go and check out this new bouncy sport for you….
Lucia Tam, the Senior Trainer, discovered the benefits of trampoline workouts in the UK through physiotherapy at the time when she was recovering from a knee injury that was stopping her from being a dancer.
From a technical standpoint, the idea is utilizing the trampoline’s instability to strengthen muscles at the core, and the fact that its flexible base will mean that it absorbs choc (up to 85%), allowing for high intensity cardio exercise with minimal impact on the joints.
The workout, for both women and men, has the multiple benefits of weight loss, building muscle or is just simply a great way to keep fit.
There are several different types of classes, the mini trampoline can be used to target specific areas, increase the intensity of a particular exercise or deep stretching. Some have more of a cardio focus (Air Bounce, Combat Bounce), while others focus on stretching and muscle strengthening (Bounce Pilates, Stretch Bounce). The use of accessories in certain classes can add to the workout (Combat Bounce, Max Bounce).
I tried out the Air Bounce class with Lucia: 55 intense minutes of fun! Mainly cardio, this class gets your heart rate climbing to burn lots of calories. You move to a crazy pace, feeling like a kid again with every bounce. They say you burn around 1000 calories per class and seeing how much I was sweating through my adrenaline highs, I wouldn’t be surprised!
The studio itself is bright and ideally located, adding on to the benefits of this great experience.
HK$ 400 for a class without membership
HK$ 280 for a member class  (Membership is HK$ 180 per month)
HK$ 1200 4 class package
HK$ 300 per head in a private class with 6 or more people
Bounce Limit, The Pemberton, 13/F 22-26 Bonham Strand, Sheung Wan
Tel: + 852 2441 0021

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