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Bouillon Bistro Parisien

October 13th 2020

Bouillon Bistro Parisien
by Aude Camus
Bouillon: a restaurant from the late 19th/early 20th century serving traditional French fare at affordable prices. Bouillon means broth and the daily broth was a must-have on the menu. 
When thinking of a Bouillon, something one can expect is French classics to share, good wine, friendly service, old-school atmosphere and affordable prices. Bouillon Bistro Parisien delivers it all with a nice modern twist.

Bouillon Bistro Parisien
Am I 100% objective? Maybe not, I was already a great fan of chef Johan Ducroquet’s cuisine at Le Bistro Winebeast in Wan Chai and got super excited when I heard he was opening his own venue partnering with Gregory Alexandre, founder of French Concept (distributor of craft and organic drinks from France such as ciders, beers, liquors, spirits …). The thing is when you have high expectations about something, you can easily end up being disappointed but I visited Bouillon on the second day of opening and wasn’t disappointed at all. Far from it.
Standing at the corner of Pound Lane, where used to be Sheung Wan hideaways Mrs Pound, Bouillon welcomes you with a floor to ceiling window widely opened on the cosy street to offer you a glimpse of the rococo inspired interior and an appealing sign that says “Huitres, Cocktail, Fruits de Mer, Caviar, Champagne, Tartare”. 

Bouillon Bistro Parisien
Is there anything not to like about a place that promises fresh seafood, caviar and Champagne? But do not worry about your wallet, in proper bouillon-style the restaurant also offers more casual/affordable dishes.
Let’s take a seat, shall we? You’ll have a choice; either seat at the counter and engage in friendly chit chat with Johan and Gregory or opt for the comfortable leather bench. 

Bouillon Bistro Parisien
Start with ordering a glass of wine from the perfect and affordable by the glass selection and sip it while having a look at the menu. Or play it chic just like this customer who was here on the same day I went and told the chef “give me a bottle of Champagne while I’m trying to figure out what I wanna eat and drink” … so French!
Speaking of the menu, you will find some of Chef Johan’s signature on this one such as the veal tartare with caviar, scallops, lemon confit and horseradish (HKD 178), the classic beef tartare (HKD 188) or the scallops with butternut puree, seabean, parmesan cheese and truffle oil (HKD 268).

Bouillon Bistro Parisien
Classic French bouillon dishes include the organic eggs with mayonnaise (HKD 78) which I would order again and again and again, the Parisian grilled bone marrow (HKD 98), the Pate en Croute (HKD 118) which I can’t resist and the Burgundy snails in butter, garlic and parsley (HKD 88).

Bouillon Bistro Parisien
Fancying something to share, family-style? You’ll have a tough choice to make between the lamb shoulder confit (HKD 668), the prime rib (HKD 858) and the skate wing (HKD 438). But whatever you order, you are in for a feast. Not to mention all the dishes are made with ingredients and products sourced from organic producers and offering traceability.
And you know what they say? There’s always room for dessert and desserts at Bouillon deserve a shoutout. First there is the Baba au Rhum (HKD 108), a sweat treat not so easy to find in Hong Kong and a dessert I would normally never order as I do not like the taste of rum. But this one comes with flavoured rum that is not too strong and brings a nice sweet and flowery touch to the perfectly moist baba. 

Bouillon Bistro Parisien
My fav is for sure the Riz au Lait (HKD 88) served with a very pornfood topping of salted butter caramel but next time I’ll also make sure to order the vanilla ice cream Profiteroles (HKD 88) that I spotted on the next table.
If you are looking for me next weekend, you know where to find me. Back in the time, traditional bouillon were working classes daily canteens and a canteen is exactly what I attend to make of Bouillon Bistro Parisien.
Pssst: they also serve a mouth-watering HKD 198 weekday lunch menu and a little bird told me they will also soon be offering a brunch menu and serving seafood platters on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Just saying …

Bouillon Bistro Parisien
6 Pound Lane, Sheung Wan



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