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Beauty Vanity – Faking a holiday under the sun

February 21st 2018

by Aude
If you are following me on Instagram you know it already, I am spending my CNY break under the South African sun and yes it’s pretty dope. Holidays are always a hit but I must confess that I am also addicted to that post holidays feeling: you know when you come back all tan and rested and everyone is asking you where did you get those nice colours?
You are no lucky enough to spend this holidays under the sun – or haven’t even take any holidays at all over CNY? I have gather a little list of beauty products that will have you glow just as if you did actually go on a sunny break.
Overnight Bronze & Glow Mask
Charlotte Tilbury

Beauty Vanity – Faking a holiday under the sun
Charlotte Tilbury just made her debuts in Hong Kong end of 2017 (and now shipping to HK, yeah!) and I am already completely addicted to their dope products. Nothing surprising knowing that Charlotte is one of the most famous make-up artist in the world and has work with A-list celebrities and models, the most iconic fashion photographers and publications such as Vogue or Vanitfy Fair.
This overnight mask is just my fav beauty product of 2018 so far!
I mean natural, all over, non-streak bronzed beach look all year round … of course I am in! Even more when all it takes is a few minutes right before going to sleep.
Overnight Bronze & Glow Mask - Charlotte Tilbury
HKD 420

Self Tanning Instant Gel

Beauty Vanity – Faking a holiday under the sun
Nothing I hate more than kicking-off the junk and beach season with a winter white body. Ok they are a lot of things I actually hate more than that but hey who does not have some strange little obsessions? Mine is perfect healthy and flawless tan all year long. My little secret? This easy peasy to use Self Tanning Instant Gel.
If you are afraid of ending up orange (we are looking for flawless tan here; not the ripped orange kind) no worries. Really this product is a “clumsy girl” dream. I am possibly one of the clumsiest girl on earth and yet have always succeed in applying it and obtain the made-to-measure healthy tan I was looking for.
Self Tanning gel on, bikini out … let’s rock that beach girls!
Self Tanning Instant Gel - Clarins
HKD 250

WILD Virgin Coconut Oil
Coconut Matters

Beauty Vanity – Faking a holiday under the sun
Don’t know about you but my hair always looks healthy and shimmery after a little break under the sun. That’s probably also because I take extra care of it, treating it to an extra daily-dose of nutrition. My little secret?  Virgin coconut oil. Extracted from fresh coconut, virgin coconut oil is enriched in vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, medium chain fatty acids and protein. Try it, you’ll love it!
I use it as overnight mask before doing my shampoo the next morning. Just because you are not at the beach does not mean you cannot still this beach babe habit, right? Plus, the smell is divine and will have you feel asleep dreaming of sad white beaches and turquoise water.
WILD Virgin Coconut Oil - Coconut Matters
HKD 45 (30 ml) to HKD 210 (500 ml) 

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