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February 19th 2018

by Aude
One of the very French things about me (and God knows there are a few) is my love for bread. I love nothing more than going to the neighbourhood bakery for freshly baked baguette. Or should I say loved … because if there is something that Hong Kong is definitely lacking it’s a good old neighbourhood bakery (says the French girl). Nothing fancy, just a spot around the corner where they make buttery croissants and homemade baguette. A place like Bakehouse !


Bakehouse? Pastry Chef Grégoire Michaud first bakery-café newly opened in the heart of Wanchai. Ok, I live in Mid-Levels so this is not yet the ultimate neighbourhood spot that I have been dreaming of but apart from the location (which is still a pretty cool one) there is nothing I don’t absolutely love about the place. 


Grégoire is definitely not the rookie kind. Born and raised in Switzerland, he started his pastry apprenticeship at 15. His 8 years as Executive Pastry Chef of The Four Seasons Hotel have made him quite famous in Hong Kong. And he is now providing his sourdough artisan breads, croissants and fine pastries to Hong Kong’s hotels and restaurants through Bread Elements, for which he is one of the 4 co-founders.
You know what I love about a Chef? It’s when he is willing to share. And Grégoire Michaud is definitely that kind. I had the chance to share breakfast with him and Gaëlle Gognau, one of the co-founder of Bread Elements and Bakehouse, and loved his straight talk.


If you take Tai Wong Street East, you’ll definitely spot Bakehouse with it’s cool Brooklynn style red bricks wall. Push the door, you won’t regret it and be welcomed straight away but the Danish counter. Evil but oh so good at the same time!
I love it than the kitchen is open. First of all because I always love observing chefs when they are cooking but also because it fills up the atmosphere with some electric vibes but also the most divine smells.


Because at the end, this is what I was here for!
I had a chance to have a preview few days before when receiving the yummiest goodie bag sent by Gaëlle:
  • A killer (and when I say killer I mean it) granola
  • A very tasty sourdough bread
  • A buttery and super pornfood brioche
  • Homemade jam and chocolate/peanut paste to spread on the super buttery brioche
What makes Grégoire pastries different? I certainly do not know all his little secrets but homemade, freshly baked, organic flour directly imported from the traditional organic Suire Mill in Loire-Atlantique and seasonal products are definitely part of the recipe!
You know what we say in France (Or what I say at least)? If a bakery is good enough to take you out of your hood just for croissant and baguette then it is a pretty damn good one.  Pretty much sums up what I think about Bakehouse!
14 Tai Wong St. East – Wanchai 

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