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Back to work beauty routine

September 7th 2017

by Aude
Summer break is now past us and we are back with our busy busy lives. But there is one thing I am definitely not ready to give up on: my summer glow. Am I the only one who always feel like my skin and my hair never look as healthy and pretty as during the summer holidays? Well let’s make it last as long as possible with an easy beauty routine.

Photo credit: Benoît Audureau
Photo credit: Benoît Audureau
  • A deep cleanse 
A healthy skin is a perfectly clean one. Nothing new there. Your skin cannot glow if it is suffocating (pollution, stress, aircon …). Cleansing oil, milk, water … choose what suits you the best.
My latest crush? Eve Lom’s cleanser. A cleansing cream that you massage onto your skin and remove with a woven muslin cloth. In less than 5 min circulation is improved, pores are opened, skin is cleansed and exfoliated.
HKD 680 / 100 ml

  • A splash of hydration
An healthy skin is also a perfectly hydrated one. Did you know that skin absorbs up to 70% of what you put on it? Better feed it with only the best right? And what can be best for the largest organ of your body than organic products?
I love the Rose & Aloe Hydrating Toning Mist from John Masters Organics  : rose flower oil to stimulate blood circulation and give you that healthy complexion, oat kernel to improve skin defense against pollution (and God knows we need it in the 852), rice and gotu kola extracts to tone and heal the skin.
HKD 295 / 125ml 

  • A shot of vitamin  
Oh that glowy brown skin that I have at the end of the summer … love it! But let’s be careful because prolonged sun exposure can accelerate your skin raging process. During my holidays, sunscreen was a must and now that I am back in town I am all in for a good shot of Vitamin C and John Masters Organics’ Vitamin C Anti-Aging Facial Serum is full of it.
Why Vitamin C? Because it reduces the appearance of wrinkles and pre-mature aging signs.
HKD 435 / 30ml 

  • A rescuing mask
To keep your skin radiant give it 20 extra minutes every week and apply a mask.
My fav this Autumn? Eve Lom’s Rescue Mask helping to reduce blotchy skin and enhancing cleansing and exfoliation. 20 min of this mask, once a week, will enhance the effects of the three above products making it even more easier 

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