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BRUT! by Pata Negra House

March 14th 2018

BRUT! by Pata Negra House
by Marine 
The Brut! way of life doesn’t require much:  yummy products from Spanish independent producers carefully selected by Pata Negra House and creatively sublimated by a young Chef. With it’s open-dining area, designed by KAMP.Studio , and featuring unfinished walls, long tables, long bar, Brut! is the kind of inspiring place which makes you wanna start chit-chatting with your neighbours: what do you think of the place? How do you like the food? … . Located in Second Street, away from Sai Ying Pun’s larger chains on High Street, it is the perfect spot to enjoy natural wines, cocktails and tapas-style dishes.

BRUT! by Pata Negra House
Kicking off the night with a homemade Kombucha cocktail (cocktails HKD 90 – HKD 110)  followed by scrambled eggs with caviar and blinis; smoked Baba Ganoush with lemon confit and pickles (HKD 58); anchovies potatoes leeks with an Argentine touch (HKD 78); devilled eggs with fermented plum vinegar and artichokes (HKD 68). Then moving to Camille and Geroge’s first collaboration where Asia meets Mediterranean flavours over Mozza, kalamata, tomato confit and fried enoki (HKD 128) … explosive!  Love the mushrooms in red wine sauce (HKD 68) which reminded me of my Grand-Mother and the dishes she used to cook for me. I also recommend to share a meat dish such as the Secreto d’Iberico (HKD 98) gently cooked with leeks and piquillos puree. If you are in the mood for comfort food, Roquefort Mac and Chesse (HKD 88) are just what you need.
As for the wine selection, it’s carefully and skilfully curated, featuring natural wines from Spain, France and all over the world.
Madame’s tips: for two people, you’ll want to have 3 tapas and then share a bigger dish such as a meaty one.


BRUT! by Pata Negra House
Camille Lisette Glass was born and raised in US but speaks perfect French. Having studied at famous French culinary school Ferrandi and being passionate about natural wines with previous experiences at La Cabane and Fresh Orgasmic Bottles by Locofama Group, it’s no surprise that she ended-up opening her own place.
Discussing with her was definitely inspiring and I love her foodie philosophy: a combination of passion and non-processed high-quality produces resulting in dishes w/ a soul. She sees cooking as a way of subliming amazing brut produce, nit as a way of transforming. Plus we share the same craze for fermentation and the same love for pickles!  

George used to work alongside Two-Michelin star Chef Lise Deveixof from Akrame.
High quality and tasty ingredients sourced in a sustainable way, fermented veggies, pickles, soul, natural wines, creative cocktails, experimental design, welcoming staff … that’s many reasons for me to be back to Brut! very soon!

Brut ! by Pata Negra House
Shop C, G/F, 1 second Street – Sai Ying Pun 

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