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April 2020 beauty hits

April 8th 2020

by Aude Camus


April 2020 beauty hits
If you’ve been reading this monthly beauty column regularly, you should know it by now: I’m a beauty junkie. I love nothing more than finishing a product so that I can replace it with a new one. I do have some favourites which you’ll always find on my bathroom shelves, but I also always make sure to have room for some newbies. So of course, when I heard that a new skincare brand was launching in Hong Kong, in March, I had to give it a go! Ever heard of BIMAIO? It was a first for me but the story of the brand – a Spanish cosmeceutical brand drawing inspiration from the Andalusian region and offering affordable luxury beauty - definitely had me eager to try some of their products starting with this night elixir. 
I love beauty products but I’m also a lazy bee so bedtime products are usually my go to one: I love the idea that the active ingredients will work their magic while I’m sleeping. And if I’m using a serum on a daily basis, it is my first time giving a go to a night serum. Result of the test? 100% positive. The oily texture is easy to massage into the skin but does not leave a greasy sensation and you can actually feel the skin texture changing while applying the product. Does the skin look more radiant when you wake-up? Yes, I would definitely say that I have some kind of glow even though I haven’t seen the sun in what feels like ages. 
HKD 275
Available online – all first-time customers will receive 15% off orders over HKD 200  

April 2020 beauty hits
Is it because I’m working from home some days or because I don’t have to rush to the office after my 7.30 am morning workout s (given that the gyms are now closed) or because I simply because I spend more time at home… I’m definitely taking extra-care of my skin at the moment. Also, because it just makes me feel good and with the current atmosphere, a little extra self-care is always welcome. This nutritive oil-emulsion, the newest addition to Clarins Aromaphytocare line, blending together aromatic essential oils and plant extracts, has recently joined my top shelf and I’ve been using it on a daily basis since then. It feels like Spring in a bottle to me! I love its double formula, when you pump the light oil and the melting emulsion blend together creating a lightweight texture that nourishes the skin and provide instant radiance. Oh and cherry on the cake, it’s 100% natural. A shot of sun and vitality in a little bottle, just what the doctor ordered. 
HKD 580
Available in Clarins Hong Kong shops and online

April 2020 beauty hits
Who else is frenetically washing his hands like 25 times a day those days? Good on us! This simple gesture has definitely proven to be effective in preventing the virus from further spreading in Hong Kong but is also seriously damaging the thin and fragile skin of our hands. Those hand masks from Sephora Collection are an easy and very affordable way to offer a little bit of extra-care to your hands. Put on the gloves and just leave it to the macadamia and aloe vera to moisturize your skin, nails and cuticles and soothe your dry hands in 15 minutes. Easy peasy! 
HKD 35
Available at Sephora Hong Kong, in shops and online   



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