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Agatha French Concept Store

January 19th 2012

Agatha French Concept Store
The most French of Hong Kong’s boutiques, we’re not sure about that, but this is the most French of the Agatha shops of our country of adoption. For its eleventh store in HK, Agatha picked Stanley Plaza mall in the south of the island. You can find all of the brand’s collections: jewelry, charms, mini jewelry and watches. And since its slogan is « Agatha c’est moi » (Agatha, that’s me), this shop is a bit like your home. Agatha innovates and offers a kiosk that presents visitors with unique access to a large variety of French press for everyone’s reference. You can sink into one of the armchairs to read through your favorite magazine while sipping a coffee or a cup of tea. Isn’t life wonderful? The height of homeliness, you can control the music in the store. Comfortably sat in your chair, you pick your favorite song or music from a large playlist! It’s playtime! 
Stanley Plaza, shop 104, Stanley, +852 2530 0932
Open every day from 10am until 8pm

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