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A guide to furry friends in Hong Kong

March 26th 2020

Collaboration with Whiskers N Paws
Ah furry friends … having an animal in your home can bring so many benefits, no wonder why so many families have one. Are you a pet owner yourself? If so, you already know the joy of coming home to a wagging tail and happy face, right? Not a pet owner yet but considering bringing a new baby to your home? We hear you!
Let us introduce Whiskers N Paws, a pet shop with a mission: to make sure you know why adopting is better than shopping but also give you ideas on how to treat your four-legged friend to the best products and services in town.

Adopt don’t shop

A guide to furry friends in Hong Kong
We know, we know, cute animals on display for sale are hard to resist and we, just as you, can’t help but falling for them whenever a pet shop crosses our way. But, did you know that many of those animals you see come from illegal breeders where they have been treated terribly? No?
And did you know that, as a result of this, there are many charities and NGOs rescuing dogs, cats and other furry friends in Hong Kong and offering them a shelter while waiting for them to – maybe - find a forever home? When adopting instead of shopping, you are saving a life. Well, you are actually saving two because when taking your new friend home, you open up a space for a new cutie to be taken into care.
Partnering with local shelters including Hong Kong Dog Rescue, Whiskers N Paws’ adoption space is open 7 days a week and offers a safe space for pets to meet and greet their potential future families. Dogs, cats and small babies such as rabbits, guinea pigs and hamsters are just waiting for you to come and visit them.

What to buy for your new friend?

A guide to furry friends in Hong Kong
So … your heart felt for a cutie and you now have a new baby at home. How happy you must be! So now, what’s needed for your new friend? Food obviously, furniture maybe, treats, toys, health care products, supplies such as collars and leashes or bowls and feeders, grooming products, habitats and accessories … name it, Whiskers N Paws has it on its catalog of products from almost 300 different quality brands.
Looking for convenience? Browse at their website and order from the comfort of your home. Looking for tips and professional advices? Why not visiting their retail store in Ap Lei Chau ? It’s a real treasure trove!


Don’t you want your new doggy to look its best? Of course, you do! Why don’t you book him a grooming session while you are browsing the shop’s shelves?
Another option would be to go for their self-dog wash service. Wiskers N Paws provides the fully equipped space, including shampoo and conditioner, but you are the one to do the work and enjoy a one-on-one moment with your four-legged friend. Perfect for bonding! Oh and cherry on the cake, the fee is flat for all paws, big or small, super attractive (HKD 100) and all proceeds go towards Wiskers N Paws’ community work.
Happy place, happy pets, happy people …


About Whiskers N Paws
Not your traditional pet shop, Whiskers N Paws is committed to create a community which connects us human to one another thanks to animals. Partnering with local shelters and charities, they only work with likeminded suppliers to make sure each product they stock are made with love, handled with care, free from harmful ingredients and safe.


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