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5 little things we love October

October 1st 2018

by Aude

COOKIEBOY   delivers homemade fresh and very pornfood cookies straight to your door 

5 little things we love  October
Ain’t nothing like a good old homemade cookie, right? Thing is, I must confess, I don’t really have time to cook. Plus never have any ingredients at home. I recently discovered COOKIEBOY which philosophy is to cook cookies with premium ingredients and that very special taste of “homemade w/ love”. 
Having a Bday party for your kiddos and don’t have time to cook 50 cookies? A small gathering at the office? A junk boat with friends and you know you’ll all be craving something sweet in the afternoon? Am I the only one to think pretty much any occasion is a good one when it comes to biting into a cookie?
Hong Kong Madame loves: the Peanut Butter cookie, a chunky goodness! 
The classic cookies are a must order but you also definitely wanna have a look at the season specials   (I mean Apple Pie, Red Velvet or Uji Matcha? Yes, yes and yes again!) 
HKD 20/ cookie
HKD 100 for a pack of 6 
Delivery is free over HKD 300 

The Green Platters   offers lavish food displays featuring organic fresh produces, artisan cheeses, handcrafted vegan cheeses

5 little things we love  October
Seriously, how yummy does this bespoke platter look? Well, nothing  surprising at all since it’s 100% fresh food based. Mouthwatering! 
Plus, I’m absolutely loving the idea of treating myself and my guests to a lavish experience while taking care of the Earth. Indeed, aside from fresh artisan food, the founder of the Green Platter, Bhawna Shettyis putting a great emphasis on reducing waste associated with food packaging and on providing an experience which is eco-friendly. 
Yummy and environmental-friendly, winning combination, right?

Klu.  jewels designed to complement our active lifestyles 

5 little things we love  October
I was recently introduced to Karmen, the founder of Klu., by my barre instructor. Karmen and I are both entrepreneurs, coming from the corporate world, and working-out quite often. We love jewels but with our active lifestyles it’s not always easy to find a piece that can complement our entire day from workout to social life and everything in between. 
Karmen’s creation are designed to fit our lifestyles.
Am loving her first collection, New Beginnings, drawing inspiration from the different part of each and every one different fitness journey. Beautiful pieces which combine simplicity, elegance and strength. 
Hong Kong Madame loves: the Double Unders, in rose gold, inspired by double unders skipping and representing stamina and endurance. Quite a powerful piece and message to get you going through a busy day, right?  
Available online

Foot Locker launches in Hong Kong 

5 little things we love  October
As a sneakers fan, I was pretty excited to hear about the opening of Foot Locker here in the 852! Had to head off to TST and check the place. And it’s pretty cool!
The footwear and apparel selection is huge and highly desirable. Already got my eyes on a few FILA pieces and way more than I need Nike stuffs. Oh and sorry baby, but were are going to need and make some space in the apartment because I’m soon gonna welcome a new pair of Nike Air Max Plus (but how could I resist? They have the widest selection available on the market) and one or two pairs of Adidas NMDs. 
A sneakers paradise! 
Yue Hwa International Building, 1 Kowloon Park Dr – TST 

French Beez   marketplace gathers French designers from all over the world 

5 little things we love  October
Looking for a handcrafted and original gift? You might wanna check French Beez! Launched by Angélique and Constance, two French expatriates who met in Hong Kong, this marketplace has a very unique “je ne sais quoi”. Living abroad, they have met several French designers whose work is influenced by the culture, the traditions, the techniques of the new countries they are living in and have decided to create a marketplace where they could gather French designers from all around the world.
Hong Kong Madame loves: the colourful collages from Anakijo  (Laos) inspired by the flora and fauna of South East Asia. Perfect to decorate a kid room!  


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