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5 Activity Boxes subscriptions for your kids

April 8th 2021

by Aude Camus
Summer is upon us. Which also means rain season is upon us. If you are dreading having to keep your kids entertained at home, why don’t you subscribe to one of the following activity boxes? Delivered straight to your door and requiring no preparation whatsoever from your side, this boxes contain toys, puzzles, books, crafts and more to keep the little ones entertained for hours. Subscribe first and you’ll thanks us later.
Learning Time
For kids aged 0 to 5

5 Activity Boxes subscriptions for your kids
Inspired by the works of Vygotzky, Montessori and Piaget and crafted for babies and toddlers to learn through play, Learning Time’s kits feature age-appropriate and educational toys together with play guides packed with activities to help your kids learn at each stage and reach development milestones.
You can opt for a one-off kit or subscribe to a plan and receive your play kits for growing minds every two months.

Happy Baton
For kids aged 0 to 5

5 Activity Boxes subscriptions for your kids
Also inspired by the Montessori method, Happy Baton’s activity boxes are curated to spark creativity, curiosity and promote development. Developed around four pillars – cognitive, language, physical, social and emotional – the age-appropriate boxes are packed with toys to encourage certain behaviours and help children develop at their own pace while achieving important milestones. 
You can opt for a one off or a three-month or 12-month plan and choose between the basic box, with four educational toys, or the premium box, with five educational toys and a premium toy.
For kids aged 2 to 11

5 Activity Boxes subscriptions for your kids
Mochy’s STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths) toy kits are packed with tinkering toys that support child-led play, fine motor skills, cognitive and social development. The instruction manual will help you use the tools and toys provided to spend some quality time with your little ones while encouraging them to gain new skills.
You can opt for a one-off box with one activity, ranging to building a self-propelled paddle boat to sewing a sequin straw hat, or for an age-appropriate monthly subscription.
The Petit Pelican
For kids aged 3 to 8

5 Activity Boxes subscriptions for your kids
An art and craft box, The Petit Pelican aims at inspiring the little artists, researchers and nature lovers. Each box is developed around one specific nature theme such as oceans, minerals, energy … and contains an educational magazine and hands on activities for your kids to discover new art techniques be it pastels or coloured sand, collage paper and more. Nature-inspired, the boxes and the materials they contain uses natural and recycled materials such as wood, cork, dried flowers and more rather than plastics.
Single boxes are available or you can opt for three-month and six-month subscriptions with your box shipping the first week of the month.
For kids aged 3 to 12

5 Activity Boxes subscriptions for your kids
Designed by educators and child psychologists to help nurture the talents of your kids and give them a head start in the academic world, Tinkerer’s boxes delivered hands-on STEAM projects straight to your door. STEAM for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics. Their three lines, Wonder from 3 to 5, Odyssey from 6 to 8 and Explore from 9 to 12 are designed to inspire children’s curiosity with stimulating creative confidence and immersive learning.
You can opt for a one off or for three-month, six-month or 12-month plans.


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