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3 books written in Hong Kong for babies and toddlers

February 4th 2021

by Aude Camus
I Love You, Little Dumpling

3 books written in Hong Kong for babies and toddlers
Founder of handmade baby shoe brand Pepper & Mint, Conny Wong has seen her production line and business greatly affected by COVID-19 and decided it was maybe time to try something new. With her new venture Mini Love Tales, she aims to create a collecting of adorable picture books for babies and toddlers with the first of the series being I Love You, Little Dumpling. Inspired by her heritage and Asian roots, but also the food they love the most as a family, the book is a poem for her children and a celebration of unconditional love.
Hong Kong Madame loves: the adorable illustrations of little dumpling characters.
HKD 100
Available online and at Bookazine stores.
When Gobble Met Nibble

3 books written in Hong Kong for babies and toddlers
Based on the personal story of a dad whose wife introduced him to eating well, this colourful book tells the story of a lion – Gobble – who loves eating but maybe a little too much, until he meets Nibble, a little chich whose gonna show him that he can eat way better food than the little fellas in the animal kingdom.
Hong Kong Madame loves: the environmental message. This book is a great opportunity to subtly introduce conscious consumption to your little ones.
HKD 98
Available here

My Hong Kong Numbers

3 books written in Hong Kong for babies and toddlers
A book written by inspiring mama, and founder of second hand designer clothes platform Retykle, Sarah Garner together with her husband Luke, My Hong Kong Numbers is the perfect book for toddlers starting to learn how to count.
A “My Hong Kong Alphabet” version is also available for the little ones starting to learn their ABC.
Hong Kong Madame loves: the Hong Kong daily life inspired illustrations and the FSC-certified papier to help promote environmental sustainability
HKD 160
Available on Retykle


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